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Changes to Michigan's CCW Law - Eff. July 1, 2003



Effective July 1, 2003, Michiganís CCW law will be amended to reflect the following changes:

  • A licensee who is stopped by a police officer is required to immediately inform the peace officer that he or she is carrying a firearm. MCL 28.425f(2).
  • Retired police officers who retired "in good standing" are exempt from the firearm training requirements. MCL 28.425L(2).
  • Pistol Free Zones will no longer apply to retired police officers or private detectives. Also, the following CCW licensees who are on duty and in the course of employment may carry in Pistol Free Zones:

    1. Sheriff department corrections officers and posse members;
    2. Persons employed by entities listed as pistol free zones while on duty;
    3. Motor carrier officers;
    4. Capitol security officers;
    5. Auxiliary or reserve officers;
    6. Parole or probation officers of the Department of Corrections. 
    MCL 28.425o(4).
  • The license term is increased from 3 to 5 years. MCL 28.425l.
  • "Peace Officer," "Retired Peace Officer," and "Reserve Peace Officer," are defined for purposes of the Firearms Act. MCL 28.421.
  • Licensees are authorized to retain their license if they move from the county where the license was granted. The new address will be reflected when the license is renewed. MCL 28.425b(15).
  • The county clerk is authorized to charge $10 for a replacement license. MCL 28.425b(15).
  • The CCW license shall be the same size as a Michigan driver license and shall indicate whether the license holder is subject to any exemptions under the law and whether the license is a duplicate.
    MCL 28.425c.
  • A suspended or revoked CCW license must be surrendered to the gunboard. MCL 28.425b(16).
  • The County Concealed Pistol Licensing Board is authorized to have access to the applicant's medical records. The board must keep the records confidential. MCL 28.425b(l)(c).
  • The county clerk may destroy CCW license records one year after the license expires. MCL 28.425b(4).
  • The application and renewal fee is $105. This fee will cover all costs including fingerprinting.
    MCL 28.425b(5).
  • Local police agencies are authorized to fingerprint applicants. MCL 28.425b(9).
  • The number of misdemeanor convictions that disqualify an applicant for an 8-year period following the conviction is increased. MCL 28.425b(7)(h).
  • The 3-year disqualification period for a conviction of any misdemeanor is removed and replaced with a list of misdemeanors requiring a 3-year disqualification period. MCL 28.425b(7)(i).
  • The time period a county concealed pistol licensing board has for approving or denying an application is increased from 30 days to 45 days from receipt of the fingerprint report. MCL 28.425b(13).
  • Applicants will be required to fire at least 30 rounds of ammunition during the training program.
    MCL 28.425j.
  • The "Firearms and the Law" section of the pistol safety training course must be taught by an attorney or an individual trained in the use of deadly force. MCL 28.425j.
  • Concealed pistols will be allowed in places where liquor by the glass is not the primary source of income. The establishment may post a sign prohibiting concealed weapons. MCL 28.425o(l)(d).
  • Parking lots of the "pistol free zones" will not be considered part of the "pistol free zone." MCL 28.425o.
  • Canadian police officers are excluded from the licensing requirements. MCL 28.432a.

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