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Letters - CCW Renewal - Wayne County

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As a member in good standing I am contacting you for help. I usually do not like to complain but, I am having a problem getting my CCW renewed in a timely fashion and am wondering if this is a prevalent problem with others in the Dearborn Heights area. Let me explain.

My current CCW is due to expire tomorrow 12-10-2004 and so, I started the procedure of getting my renewal in the latter part of August. Needless to say, it took from that time to October 8, 2004 to get my fingerprinting done which was supposed to be done by the Sheriff's office. The Sheriff's office, at that time, informed me that they were booked up until the first of the year and could not even give me an appointment for after the first of the year due to not having the 2005 Schedule. Meanwhile, I went to the Wayne County offices in Detroit to register and get my control number. I then called the Mayor's office and he made arrangments for my fingerprinting at a $15.00 charge in the Dearborn Heights County Building. This was finally accomplished on October 8, 2004. Now, flash forward to yesterday. All I am trying to accomplish is to find out where I am in the system.

The Wayne County Sheriff on Henry Ruff St. off from Michigan Ave., tells me that they went from 6 officers to 1 Officer doing the paperwork on CCW's and that it will take 6 to 8 months for me to be processed which will take me into April 2005 to get my renewal.

In trying to find out where I am in the system, I went to the Sheriff's office. The Officer at the desk told me to call the Clerk- gun board at 313-224-2725. I called there and was informed that I should call 734-721-5125. I tried calling there all day but kept getting a recording saying that the answering machine is full.

I went back to the Sheriff's office and they then told me to call the County Commissions office 313-224-2383. I called there and they told me to call 313-224-6262. This number referred me to 313-224-5565 which is the lady that only informs persons that their CCW is ready to be picked up and she has no way of knowing where my application is in the system. I might be wrong but, it looks to me just like we have digressed back to the 1960's when it was extremely hard to get a license to carry.

It also reminds me of a recent occurrence when the Pilots were finally given permission to carry and the powers to be made it very hard on them to do so. Right now I am just venting and have resigned myself to the fact that the 2nd amendment is still being violated in this country and in this State even though we have the NRA, GOA and MCRGO in place to supposedly make a difference.

After being stonewalled on this renewal since August, I feel that my rights as a U. S. citizen have been very violated.

Orville Weir
Dearborn Heights
MCRGO Comments ...

Wayne County has instituted an appointment policy for fingerprinting for CPL licenses and renewals. We have been told by our members that they have to wait 4-6 weeks to get fingerprinted by the Sheriff. Then the Sheriff does not send in the fingerprints to the State Police promptly, rather he waits until the end of the month. This can add another four weeks onto the process.

Once the fingerprints are returned from the State Police and FBI, the concealed weapon licensing board schedules a hearing which may be as far as three months in the future. In November, they were scheduling January hearings. The whole process is taking six months or more.

This is extremely troubling because the Wayne County Executive, Robert A Ficano, sought and received the MCRGO endorsement in his election campaign, and has been a Sheriff that was supportive of concealed carry reform.

Chief Executive Ficano's office told MCRGO that all complaints relayed to the Sheriff's Department have been rejected. They also said a Congressional office was contacted about this issue by a constituent; the staffer was also rebuffed by the Sheriff.

We are at a loss to explain what is exactly happening in the Sheriff's office.

The Wayne County Clerk has never been supportive of concealed carry reform and her intransigence is more understandable. She instituted a policy that all applicants must submit two notarized letters of recommendation with their application. There is no such requirement in the statute. MCRGO members tell us that she is requiring that a renewal applicant submit two notarized letters with the renewal application from the same individuals that signed letters originally. One member said that she had no answer to the question, "What if they have moved away or died?"

At this point there are two possible methods of addressing this issue. The first is to attempt a political solution by letters and calls to the County Commissioners. They control the Sheriff's budget and may have some sway with him. The second is through the courts.

Litigation is expensive. MCRGO is currently suing Kent County (Grand Rapids) and East Lansing. The East Lansing lawsuit will be resolved in our favor soon. We are negotiating the final order with East Lansing. The Kent County law suit is continuing.

While MCRGO is ready to file suit against Wayne County, we need your financial support. We need at least $10,000 to start the suit. Contributions to the MCRGO Foundation Gun Rights Defense Fund are tax deductible. Checks should be written to "Gun Rights Defense Fund" and mailed to MCRGO Foundation, PO Box 14014, Lansing, Michigan, 48901.

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