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Your Letters

We welcome letters expressing your viewpoint & opinion on matters relating to:
· Responsible gun ownership
· Firearms related law
· Competitive shooting
· Self-defense
· Hunting
· Gun crime
· Gun control
· Guns and our Media
· Current News Articles
· Other related subjects, facts, statistics, and even humor.
If you would like to submit a letter to MCRGO for publication in this section of our web site, please use the form provided below. All writers must provide their full name, email address, home address and telephone number. Letters may be subject to editing for clarity and grammar. If facts and figures are used in your letter, please document the source for your readers. We don't promise publication, but we do review every letter.

Note: This form is only for submitting a Letter to MCRGO for publication. All other correspondence should be directed through the Contact Us portion of the website.

Questions about concealed carry law and legal matters should be directed to our counsel via the legal contact form found in our members area.

Full Name:
City, State:
Subject Title:

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