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You can now join MCRGO online using our secure server. Or, if you prefer, you can fill out the Printable application online, print it, and mail it to the address shown at the bottom of the form with your check or money order.

General Membership:

1 Year: $30
2 Year: $55
3 Year: $80
Lifetime: $600
Senior Life 62+ $300
Friends of MCRGO $15
Youth Membership:
(under 17)

1 Year: $15
2 Year: $25
3 Year: $35


RENEW SECURE FORMRENEW / UPDATE ! (MCRGO Member number required)

You can now renew your MCRGO membership online using our secure server. Or, if you prefer, you can fill out the Printable application online, print it, and mail it to the address shown at the bottom of the form with your check or money order.

CONTRIBUTE PRINT FORMContribute to MCRGO ! - Printable

Donate to the MCRGO General Fund or Legal Defense Fund.

MCRGO Polical Action Committee (www.mcrgopac.org)
MCRGO PAC Contribution Form

Many of you volunteered a great deal of your time to pro-gun owners' rights candidates for office. The efforts were greatly appreciated by the candidates and the efforts have gone very far in gaining positive recognition for MCRGO and its members.

In addition to the volunteer work, many people contributed money to various candidates. Since that money was given to the candidates by individuals, when the financial statements are reviewed later, there will be no notice to the parties that the money was given to support gun rights. The money was helpful, to be sure, but it would be even more helpful for people who follow campaign finance to know that the gun owners' rights crowd is actively supporting pro-gun candidates both financially and through volunteer efforts.

To help rectify this situation, MCRGO has now established a Political Action Committee (PAC) and the legal status of the PAC has been officially affirmed. We can now begin pooling money from members and sending it to candidates in the name of the pro-gun cause. We want to show the parties that we can support candidates through our PAC in a seriously meaningful way. If the GOP and Democrats see that our PAC has been effective in supporting candidates, they'll be that much more eager to listen to our views on important pro-gun owners rights issues. Let's get on their financial records by sending as much candidate support money through our PAC as we can. If five people give a candidate $20 each, the candidate has a hundred dollars and nothing on record to show where the support came from. If those five people send the money to the MCRGOPAC, the candidate has $100 from the pro-gun community and that's a matter of state record.

You can be certain that MCRGOPAC will use the funds to support our mutual objective of electing pro-gun owners' rights candidates.

Send the check, made out to MCRGOPAC, to:

PO Box 14014
Lansing, MI 48901

Let's work together in future elections to provide candidates the support necessary to establish a Michigan Legislature that is effective in supporting our rights!
MCRGO Education Foundation

The Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners has formed a new corporation, MCRGO Foundation, to serve as our fundraising, charitable arm. The Foundation's mission will be to educate individuals in the Second Amendment, Michigan's Constitutional Right ot Bear Arms, and the safe ownership of firearms.

The Foundation is established as a charitable organization qualify for IRC 501(C)(3) status. Any donation of money or property to the MCRGO Foundation is tax deductible. A voluntary board of directors administers the Foundation.

Question concerning the Foundation can be directed to M. Carol Bambery, 517-669-9769. Watch for upcoming articles in the MCRGO newsletter on how to make a charitable contribution that will support your firearms rights, while being tax deductible.

MCRGO holds the privacy rights of our members in the highest regard. We do not give, sell, or allow any unauthorized access to our membership records. Membership data is collected and used by MCRGO for the purpose of distributing it's newsletter, and other mailings which help to fulfill MCRGO's Mission.

For the purpose of this privacy policy, "members" are defined as regular dues paying members as defined in the MCRGO bylaws.

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