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April 2014

March 13, 2014 was a great day for gun rights. In a single hour of session, the full Michigan House of Representatives gave final approval to a Michigan Senate bill which legalized short barrel rifles and short barrel shotguns in Michigan, passed legislation that will codify a previous attorney general's opinion limiting the definition of brandishing, expanded the ability to train minors in pistol safety and shooting without the need to have a parent or guardian present, exempted concealed pistol licenses and registration records from Michigan's Freedom of Information Act and also adopted a resolution calling on the Illinois Legislature to grant reciprocity to Michigan concealed pistol licenses.

Though it's often not efficient and it's always unpredictable, the legislative process continues to be MCRGO's most effective way to advance the rights of legal gun owners and roll back a century's worth of laws that once made Michigan a model state for gun control proponents. Since MCRGO's creation, groups such as Handgun Control, Inc., the Brady Campaign, Bloomberg's Mayors Against (Il)legal Guns and Mom's Demand Action have seen no success in our state in achieving their priorities such as universal gun registration and expanded pistol free zones.

MCRGO has been so successful in the legislative arena because of its unique multifacted method that includes traditional "contact your legislator" advocacy by its members, public education in the media and on social media sites like Facebook, professional lobbying and the use of current and past legislators to influence the process. This inside advantage, supplied by legislators from both political parties, allows the organization to target issues such as the legalization of short barrel rifles and privacy protections that are ripe for passage while adapting to the political environment to plan for the months and years ahead.

Concealed pistol license reform is MCRGO's current focus and a detailed summary of Senate Bill 789 can be found on pages 8 & 9 of the Spring 2014 Ontarget magazine. Behind the scenes, we are also gearing up for next session's campaign to eliminate pistol free zones -an effort that still requires substantial work to educate legislators and the public. While the future political climate is uncertain, we are on the right course and the wind is at our back.

As always, MCRGO welcomes your thoughts on these matters. I can be reached by e-mail at brady@mcrgo.org and by telephone at (517) 484-2746.

Brady Schickinger, Executive Director
Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners

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